Tips for Hiring a Web Designer for Your Law Firm

Web design plays an important role in how people perceive your lawyer firm. Hence, it is necessary to hire the best law firm web design agency for the job. Below we have shared several best practices on hiring a web designer for your law firm to ensure you don’t end up making a wrong selection.

Figure Out What You Want

A website can be anything from a simple web page to a data-driven website. You need to figure out what exactly you want in terms of web design. The more information you have about your wants, the easier it will be for a web design agency to design a website that meets your expectations. Going with vague themes, design, and colors will only waste your time and delay the project.

If you are unable to decide, visit a few law firm websites and make some notes. Write things that you like and things you don’t. You need to also consider your law practice objectives while designing your website. For example, if your immigration practice involves representing the Hispanic population in the US, your website needs to have translation options like Spanish.

Know Different Types of Websites

If you are building a new website, you have a host of options to choose from. For example, you can choose popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more. These options are less expensive than building a website that involves customized programming.

You need to explore both options before arriving at a decision. Some of the advantages of using CMS platforms are quick turnaround time, ease of use, and affordability. Security weakness is one factor that you need to consider when choosing CMS platforms. Since these popular platforms are prone to cyber-attacks, the confidential information on your website is at risk. Note, most content management systems are always upgrading their security measures to thwart such attacks.

Depending on the features and web design building a website from scratch would take months. Also, you would need a large budget to accomplish it.

Have a Practical Time-Frame in Mind

All projects have deadlines and your website project would have one too. You need to think of a practical time-frame that would include the date of launch. You need to communicate these things to the law firm web design agency so that they can work as per schedule.

Remember, the website design process is a complex process that takes time. You need to understand the potential damages of speeding up the process and skipping important tasks like testing of features. Hence, you should be open to making changes in the timeframe if the situation demands.

The timeline should also allow time for compliance with federal and state regulations regarding policies and privacy. The design firm you choose should have a greater understanding and experience of the disclaimer requirements of the legal industry.

Have a Clear Idea About Brand Image

When you design a website, you need to have a clear idea about brand image. Make sure it is consistent through the website design process and the designer never deviates from it. For this, you should have a better understanding of your target audience. You should know what prospective clients would want on your website and how your website delivers it to them.

Without a clear plan about brand image, there are chances the design process is swayed by the website designer’s bold ideas. There is no guarantee the designer’s bold ideas would work in your favor as the designer might not have an idea about your prospective clients.

Have a Reasonable Budget

The website is the first impression of your law practice and you should ensure it is best. The budget is an important aspect of any project. Depending on the platform, interface features the website development could cost around $1000 to $5000. When you meet the designers discuss different features and their price points.

If you discover the ideal website you have in mind would cost $10,000 and you have a budget of $5000. You need to go back to the drawing board, scale back, and make changes to the design so that it fits in your budget.

So do you have any questions about law firm web design?

Why Should You Hire Website Design Services?

It is not possible to really grow your business without a good website. The website is a way you present your business online. It is via your website that most of your customers will first find you. So, it is important to design it well.

You may have basic knowledge of website designing. But that doesn’t guarantee that you can create a nice website with it. Perhaps you don’t have the time to develop a website due to other commitments. For these reasons and more, it is best to hire professional services for the job.

Here’s why you should hire a professional web design service.


A good designer will gain an understanding of your business and create the website accordingly. A good designer will focus on aspects such as easy navigation, usability, and simplicity. There is nothing worse than a website that is cluttered and extremely difficult to browse. Professional designers will add value to your business by way of their expertise in the area of website design.

So, how do you find expert website design services? One easy way to do so is to search online with your requirement and location. A good example of such keywords can be Miami web design. You can then click on the website links on the search results pages and learn more about their business.


Professional website design companies work with a number of clients in any given month. It gives them an extra edge over amateurs or those with only basic web design knowledge.

With experience comes the knowledge to handle design issues. They will know how to handle a page better to get you more business. They will also be able to turn a badly-designed website into a wonderful one.

Custom Designs

It may be easier to use a website template. But then your website will be like thousands of others already live and thousands more to come. By hiring a professional website design service, you can develop a website that will clearly represent your business. Each page can be representative of your brand.

Good design helps to convince the visitors to take some sort of action, such as to check your product offerings, read more about your services, or visit your physical store.


In this day and age of online searches, it is essential that your website is optimized for search engines. Otherwise; people looking for products or services in your business category won’t be able to find you online.

Expert designers incorporate SEO elements in a website to increase its search engine. Website design companies may employ SEO specialists who optimize the websites. So, it helps to hire a company that also provides SEO services along with website designing. They will be able to optimize the websites for SEO in a better way.

Independent designers may or may not have SEO capabilities. If you work with an independent designer, you may need to hire SEO experts separately to optimize the website. So, you will need to deal with multiple vendors and also pay more for the services. Hiring professional web designing services makes more sense when you consider the work involved in making your website visible online.

Responsive Websites

Good website design is responsive. It will mold itself to any device – be it a desktop, tablet, or cell phone. Most people now use their smartphones to browse things on the Internet. So, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. But you cannot ignore the people who still use the desktop.

A website designed solely for cell phones won’t work very well on desktops and vice versa. Professional services are experts in creating different kinds of designs to suit every need.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

An SEO-optimized and well-designed website is likely to bring you more customers; increasing the chances of a sale. Good website design is an investment towards your business’s growth. It is never wasted.

A well-designed website will help you increase your profits.

Maintenance Services

Of course, building a website isn’t a one-time thing. You will also need to update it constantly.

Website design companies also offer maintenance services to handle these tasks. Hiring one will ensure that your website is always up-to-date and relevant.

Four Benefits of Quality Law Firm Website Design

Business websites serve a purpose. Websites provide relevant information to your existing and prospective clients or customers. Websites also serve as a business’s digital presence along with social media channels. A good website design can help improve your business. But the opposite is true if the website design is clumsy and is slow to load.

For law firms, it is even more important to create good websites. It can help your potential clients find the right information about your business and trust you before even meeting you.

Here are four benefits of quality law firm website designs.

Increases Business

A good website design will always incorporate elements of SEO in it. So, your website will be more visible on search engines, will be quick to load, and have good navigation.

With better visibility on search engines, you can expect more relevant traffic to your website. People are not likely to visit law firms’ websites just for fun. If someone is visiting a law firm’s website then they may have a need for the lawyer’s service. People will type in their query in search bars and visit the first few websites on the results page.

If your lawyer website design is good then visitors are likely to stay on it for longer. They are likely to browse through all the pages and find more information about your experience and services. It will help boost your business. Such visitors are likely to schedule their assessment session with you and then it’s up to you to convert them into paying clients.

Provides Relevant Information

A good website design is a great way to provide significant information to your potential clients. Your profile page can have a nice and neat design to include information about your education, experience, and pro bono work. It can include your picture too. Such information is absolutely essential to include in a lawyer’s website design. Without it; your clients are not likely to trust you enough to even contact you for case consulting sessions.

You can also use the website to relay information about your practice areas. It will help your prospects to understand more about the field and gain more trust in your practice. They can know that cases similar to their own can have a win.

You can also include buttons to your social channels on the website. Other useful information can be client testimonials, case studies, and full contact information. Only a good website design can accommodate all these types of information in a neat and aesthetic manner. Proper navigation will also help your prospects to visit each of these pages seamlessly.

Builds Trust and Authority

A good website design exudes professionalism. It helps you gain the trust of your prospects, which is absolutely essential between lawyers and their clients.

When proper information is present on the website, it helps prospects to feel comfortable with the legal process. They are more inclined to approach you for their case.

Information about your practice area in the form of blogs, articles, case studies, and even social posts helps you put at the forefront of your business. Your prospects will respect your knowledge, expertise, and experience. They will know beforehand that you are a lawyer that might be able to help them. They are less likely to feel intimidated by you and thus approach you with greater ease.

Safeguards against Competitors

The above benefits place you before your competitors or at least at par with them. All reputed law firms now maintain business websites. What will be more useful to your potential clients – a clumsy website or a well-designed website? The answer is clear.

Lawyers face a lot of competition. Even if they specialize in one or two practice areas, it can be really tough to get new clients simply on the basis of traditional marketing or word-of-mouth publicity. In this digital age, where everyone is searching for everything online, it is important to have a well-designed website to beat the competition.

With a robust SEO strategy, good aesthetics, clear-cut navigation, and useful information packed in good lawyer’s website design; you can certainly stay ahead of your competitors.

Why is a Professional Web Design Company Needed for Your Ecommerce Website Development?

The purpose of developing an eCommerce website is simple-to lead visitors into buying products.

However, if the design of your eCommerce website isn’t attractive enough or the navigation through the site isn’t easy, your purpose will not be served in many instances.

Your eCommerce website should encourage visitors to buy products and stay longer on the site so that they can spend more. Also, users should enjoy the buying experience. They should want to come back again and again to your site.

Let us look at what you get if you hire a professional Miami web design company.


Just a case as an example-your eCommerce website needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Building a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is no easy task. This is where experience comes handy.

A professional web design company in Philadelphia is skilled in software applications, is conversant with the latest web standards, and knows the necessary machine languages to do the job.

Also, any number of problems may arise during the design and development of an eCommerce website. Some of them can be fixed rather easily but others may require looking through thousands of lines of code or may demand custom solutions. This is best left to experienced professionals. 

Saves Time

You have a business to run. Getting a professional web design company to design your eCommerce website will allow you the time to focus on other aspects of your business.

A professional web design company has built eCommerce websites before, so they know what needs to be done and how to get it done. This saves time.

A professional web design company usually works on a fixed price model-which means that the total budget of the project (eCommerce website design) is settled before development starts and remains unchanged. If the project takes longer to complete, the company stands to lose money. So, it is in their interest to finish as quickly as possible at the same time ensuring that the customer is satisfied.

Design for the Future

A professional web design company not only works with innovative technology but it also keeps an eye on future developments.

With new apps and ever-increasing web-functionalities to attract the social-mobile shopper, a professional web design company can find ways to plan for the future so that you don’t get left behind in the digital world.

You may only have a vague idea about how you want your eCommerce website to look like but the right Miami web design company will be able to piece together the fragments and give shape to your vision.

At the same time by focussing on your specific needs the web design company will make sure that the design works with your potential customers.


Designing and developing an eCommerce website requires a lot of expertise. A professional web design company combines the abilities and visions of various creative people and strategists to provide the desired results.

A professional web design company employs diverse talents in web designers & developers, UI/UX designers, eCommerce experts, SEO strategists, and IT support technicians. They play their respective parts in the development of your eCommerce website.

This ensures, among other things, that products are displayed in the best possible manner and the loading speed of your eCommerce website isn’t affected.

Value for Money

An eCommerce website will cost you if you get it done by a professional web design company but in all probability, it will be done right and you will start earning money soon as visitors will flock to your world-class eCommerce website.

It would be worth the investment.

A professional web design company will design your eCommerce website based on a content management system, such as WordPress. This means you would be able to upload and edit the content on your eCommerce website on your own. This will save money.

Scalability Options

If you choose the right Miami web design company, they will not only help you get the perfect eCommerce website but will also help you with future enhancements like adding a new product gallery or shopping cart.


The right Miami Web design company will know how to design and develop a user-friendly eCommerce website that will enable you to thrive in an aggressive and ambitious market.

Four Features of Great Law Firm Website Design

A good or bad law firm website design will greatly determine how long your prospective clients stay on it. The quicker they leave; the fewer chances of those clients contacting you. A good website design makes it easier for visitors to navigate it and find relevant information on it. A bad website design will make it tedious for visitors to find what they need. If you are building a new website, consider useful features to make it user-friendly. It is often the first impression your prospective clients will have about your business.

Here are four features of a great law firm website design.

Responsive Design

Your website must be optimized for all devices and not only for desktops and laptops. Most people these days use their mobile devices to search online for services. So, it is important to make your website mobile-friendly.

A responsive website design adapts itself to the screen size and environment. If the website is designed only for the desktop, you will have a tough time navigating it via mobile devices. A responsive design will automatically adjust as per the users’ device to offer them a good viewing experience.

Visitors will only stay on a website if it is easy to use. Otherwise, no one has the time these days to wait for the pages to load or make extra efforts to peruse the information on the website pages. When people are looking for legal services; they need to spend proper time on the website to get all the information they need. So, it is extremely crucial that your law firm’s website has a responsive design.


The website needs to be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO strategies include the use of keywords, backlinks, image optimization, meta description, content, and more. Without SEO implementation, it is futile to maintain a website.

It is SEO that helps your website rank higher on search engines and offers your business more visibility. When people will look for lawyers in your practice areas, it is SEO that will bring them to your website via online searches.

So, merely an attractive website design doesn’t do the job. Your prospective clients need to find it too via online searches. So, a great law firm website design will definitely integrate and utilize SEO. It will give your law firm an edge over your competitive firms that do not use SEO. It will also help you keep pace with law firms that utilize SEO.


Content forms a great part of any website design. A great law firm website design will have content that will not only have the right keywords but also the information your prospective clients will require.

So, your website needs to have content such as attorney profiles, details about practice areas, and contact details. Without attorney profiles, it is not possible to build trust with prospective clients. They need to know about the lawyers, their professional backgrounds, and how they can help. Practice areas need to be detailed so that prospective clients know for sure if you are the right attorney for them. The writing needs to be simple and easy to understand. It is best to not use too many complex legal terms without explaining their meanings.

Many lawyers also maintain a blog, which helps in brand building and also provides more information to prospective clients. It can help you build your authority in your field by expressing your expert knowledge. Blog can also help with SEO; further helping your business.

Images and Videos

The right images help to make the website appealing. A great law firm website design needs to unclutter without the use of unnecessary pictures.

It helps to add photographs of attorneys with their profiles. It is also best to use original images showcasing your law firm rather than stock photos. You can also use short videos on the website featuring your attorneys and explain some legal terms or issues for the benefit of your prospective clients. It will help build trust with your prospective clients. Images and videos also help with SEO. A good law firm SEO specialist can optimize them too for greater search engine rankings.

Three Essential UI Developer Interview Questions to Ask All Candidates

With the growth of e-commerce, UI development is something that businesses can’t afford to overlook. Websites and mobile apps built along the right UI development principles can improve site content appearance, interactivity, and usability. As a result, companies and organizations can expect maximized user engagement. Moreover, this, in turn, will lead to business growth and profit. Consequently, hiring a UI developer is crucial for companies with an online presence.

How do you find the right UI developer though? While there are plenty of talented UI developers, the tricky part is pinpointing one that is a good fit for your company. It will help to list your exact UI development needs and find a UI developer that can handle them.

Many companies and organizations, however, don’t have the resources to screen UI developers and do technical interviews. In such a case, it is a good idea to contact a reputable staffing agency and let them do the hiring for you. They have the skills and the experience to find the right candidates for the right positions. After reviewing and choosing candidates, they can interview them on your behalf. Moreover, they will ask them essential UI developer interview questions to gauge their thought processes, technical skills, and work ethics. Overall, they will check that the candidates have what it takes to do the work.

Let’s Consider Three Essential UI Developer Interview Questions That Most Agencies Ask Potential Candidates:

What Attracted you to UI Development?

By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know what inspires the candidates and what their overall career goals are. Also, going by their account of why they like being in UI development, the interviewer can gauge how well they know the industry and current UI trends. Additionally, their answers express how the candidates think and how well they can convey their ideas. Moreover, they reveal if they mean to have a future in the UI development field.

Given the time and effort that goes into hiring the right candidates, most staffing agencies want long-term prospects. Even if the company they are hiring for requires UI developers for the short haul, there are always other projects. So, if the candidates plan to continue with a UI development career, the agency is more likely to pick them.

Do you have a project that you are most proud of? Can you tell us about it?

With UI developer interview questions like this one, the interviewer wants to know if the candidates have worked on any complex projects. These may be for a client or themselves. Having a work portfolio shows they have the technical chops as well as the drive to do projects. It’s even better if they can explain how they planned the project and the steps they took to finish it.

Also, if they faced any issues, how did they resolve these? Did they have to learn any new languages or techniques to do the project? How did they do that in the time given for the project? What did they learn from this project that they can use for future works?

Do you have any questions regarding this company?

This rather simple question has many uses. First of all, it helps to break the ice and build friendly relations. With the candidate and the interviewer at ease, they can discuss more in-depth and complex questions in a frank way later on. Also, the candidates’ questions will show their level of interest in the inner workings of the company.

Furthermore, if they ask the right questions, it reveals the research they have done on the company. That, in turn, means that they are serious about working for the company. If hired, they are likely to be an asset and thrive in their new position.

The knack of answering these and other questions in clear, brief terms will be a distinct plus with most staffing agencies.

UI development is a rapidly evolving field where technical and problem-solving skills are highly prized. By asking the right UI developer interview questions, agencies can find candidates with creative, strategic mindsets. They can match them with suitable companies and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Four Common Web Developer Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Web development is a rapidly expanding field, and web developers are in high demand as more and more companies establish an online presence. When interviewing candidates for the web developer position in your company, you want to know if they are up to snuff on the technical level and if they will fit in well with your existing team and your company culture. It can be tricky to get a complete handle on someone based on a short interview, but you can get at least an inkling if you start by asking the right questions.

Here are four common web developer interview questions that may help you gauge potential candidates and pick the most promising ones for your company:

What Are the Responsibilities That a Web Developer Shoulders?

The answer to this very basic question allows you to assess if the candidate has a clear understanding of the web development process and the web developer’s role in it. Given the collaborative nature of web development, it is essential that each member knows what he or she are supposed to do for the work to progress smoothly. Web developers may research, design, and develop user-friendly web applications. They may test and debug these applications. They may build and maintain websites, and ensure that these websites follow current best practices.

Why are Web Standards Important?

The World Wide Web Consortium developed and established web standards to bring about a design consistency in web development. All web developers must be acquainted with these standards if they are going to design workable websites. Web standards are important for cross-browser compatibility. That is, if you want your website to work equally well in different browsers, it must follow the correct web standards. The candidate must be able to explain this to you. If they profess total ignorance of web standards, they probably don’t know much about web development and they didn’t take the time to get informed either prior to the interview. It is not a good sign. You will be better off interviewing another candidate.

What Developmental Tools Do You Use and Why?

You want to gauge their competence level and find out if they know the developmental tools that you currently use. They should be familiar with commonly used developmental tools in browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. There are many more tools like Integrated Development Environments, Text Editors, Task Runners, Package Managers, Testing Tools, CSS Preprocessors, Markdown Editors, Collaboration Tools, Website Speed Test Tools, Version Control Systems, and others. New web development tools crop up practically every month, however, so you can’t reasonably expect a candidate to know all of them.

What Kind of Websites Have You Worked on Previously?

You want to know if the candidate has had a varied work experience that can translate well to working on your company projects. If the candidate has worked on a large website project previously, he or she will have the experience of project planning that is crucial for tying together all the information, content, and coding that goes into building a website. Without proper project planning, setting up a large website would be chaotic and difficult. Since large websites generally have more traffic than small websites, the web developer will also know how to optimize web servers and database connections to handle the traffic. They will also understand how to visually design the site so that it is easily accessible to a wide variety of people.

If the candidate has only worked on small website projects previously, you may want to consider their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. That is as important as experience.

When posing the above four questions to candidates, be prepared to receive a wide range of responses and watch out too for cookie cutter answers. If you want originality and innovativeness in your web design projects, take the time to find the right talent for your project and organization.

Keep in mind too that some of the best web developers may not necessarily be the most articulate people on the planet. Judge their answers in conjunction with their previous professional and personal work and with a practical test to verify their knowledge of web development.

What to Look for in a Freelance Graphic Designer

The success of any business depends on its brand image to a great extent. To maintain that image you need several components like a logo, brochure, website or other designs. All these components are incomplete without graphics. Good graphics signify both professionalism and quality. So if you don’t know any graphic designer, you may feel a little lost. Sometimes hiring an in-house team becomes expensive too. Nowadays you can hire a freelance graphic designer Los Angeles on many platforms. Today’s options are so many that you need to filter only the best out of them. Here are some traits to look for in a freelance graphic designer.


The first thing you need to keep in mind is the experience. Experienced designers work with various industries and possess great conceptual skills. They understand requirements well and can turn your ideas and concepts into reality without any hassles. You can have a look at their portfolio and go through as much of their work as you can which will give you a chance to assess their quality and style of work and whether the standards match your company or not.

Technical skills

A freelance graphic designer generally uses many platforms. So they must know various web design tools and designing software like HTML, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. The designer also needs to know the typography, as it is essential for making a logo. A technically skilled designer can do the work with speed and accuracy. This is why you need to check these skills of the designer.

Know types of designers

A creative designer can help you uniquely present your brand since she is well aware of the latest design trends. You can find many types of creative graphic designers in the field of visual arts. When you look for a graphic designer, keep in mind that there are logo designers, web designers, packaging designers and many more. If you need a logo alone hire a logo designer but if you need to get your website designed, to hire a web designer. Instead of hiring a general graphic designer you should hire a person specialized in a particular field.


A freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles can work from anywhere across the globe. So while hiring, you have to keep in mind the time zone of the designer. If you want to work in normal office hours, then the designer should also fall under the same time zone as you are in. Moreover, if you are flexible with hours, then you can hire people from a different time zone as well.


Testimonial or other people’s recommendation is also useful for recruiting a freelance graphic designer. You can get an idea of their authenticity and sincerity from people who have previously worked with the designers. You can trust their ability, and it also provides detail knowledge about their work ethics, communication skills, Pay package and credibility.

Time management

Managing around a deadline is crucial for any industry. So you need to make sure the designer is well aware of how to manage deadlines efficiently. You can take a spot test at the time of the interview to assess, because a portfolio doesn’t portray time management skill. Your graphic designer can show you many options. You need to check whether they are capable of making any revisions as per your need within the time limit.

Communication skill

Make sure that a graphic designer can demonstrate how to communicate with a client, and represent their ideas to them. If their communication skill is good, then you can explain your ideas and discuss the concept behind your project with them. Their communication skill will help them to negotiate and develop a relationship with the customer.

Now you know the checklist to hire a freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles. It will help you to filter your options and choose the best one for your company. Have we missed any important factors to be considered? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Frequently Asked UX Designer Interview Questions

Selecting a UX designer is not easy and it is almost impossible to get an idea about the expertise of a UX designer while interviewing. In such case, the best approach is asking frequently asked UX designer interview questions and you are more likely to get a basic understanding of the thought process and working style of the potential candidate.

 Here is the list of such questions and what to look for in the answers.

What Do You Understand About UX Design?

You need to look beyond the definition of the UX design. The UX designer should be able to demonstrate his/her personal views about UX design and cover different aspects of UX design, and its importance.

What Is the Design Process You Follow?

This is one of the frequently asked UX designer interview questions to test knowledge of a potential UX design candidate. An experienced candidate should be able to walk you through the design process with proven case studies. He or she should be able to explain the types of challenges faced and how those were managed and cover different design stages starting from inception to completion of the project.

Also, the candidate should be able to explain how different UX scenarios require different UX processes.  The answer should cover how the candidate used the environment to determine the best UX process for a particular situation.

The answer to this question should have a user-centric approach and the designer should touch the following contexts while explaining his/her designs techniques. Before taking the interview, you need to understand these concepts in detail to understand the technicalities of these components.

  • User research – The types of user research techniques used for the project and the reason for using them.
  • User Personas– The process of creating user personas and explain how it helped achieve UX objectives.

What Is Your Process of Working with Developers and Designers?

This question would help you understand the working style of the UX designer you are interviewing.  Though design seems like an independent work, UX design is a team effort. A UX designer is a part of the cross-functional team which includes both front-end and back-end developers, and a team leader.

The UX designer should have effective communication skills to communicate his/her design decisions accurately to other developers. Each team member would be viewing the project through different contextual lenses and hence it is necessary there is no miscommunication among team members that would jeopardize the success of the project.

The UX designer should have a better understanding of the technology stack. In addition, the UX designer should show an inclination to get a better understanding of constraints and opportunities by asking the right questions to the developers. The UX designer should be able to translate the prototype into proper specifications that can be easily understood by the project manager.

Can You Talk About Any UX Project that did not Go as Planned?

Making mistakes is part of life but the important thing is the person should learn from mistakes and ensure they are not repeated. It’s okay if the designer does not have any example to share but if he/she has, there are certain factors that you should look for in the answer.

Firstly, the candidate should be able to explain what went wrong and why it went wrong. The important part of the answer is what steps or actions the candidate took to address the failure. The candidate should also be able to tell what he/she has learned from the experience and what changes he/she has embraced in the design process to ensure such things never happen again.

Hiring the best UX designer is not easy and you need to do enormous preparations to ensure you ask the right questions to the potential UX designer.  Hope the frequently asked UX designer interview questions listed here can help you find the right UX designer.

Do you know other questions that need to be part of this list? Please feel free to comment, we would love to hear from you.

Why Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

Graphic design plays an important role in attracting the attention of customers. Organizations need services of graphic designers to create marketing material like professional logos, business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, etc.

Organizations have two choices – hire a graphic design agency or hire freelance graphic designer. While both offer the same services, there are several differences between working with an agency and freelancer. Here are some distinct advantages of hiring a freelance graphic designer.


The cost of creative work is always shrouded in mystery and mostly expensive. A graphic design agency has several overhead costs like the salary of employees, healthcare, office maintenance costs, and many others. Agencies charge high rates for graphic design work to meet their overhead costs.

Majority of freelancers offer lower costs in comparison to design agencies as they have less overhead costs. Freelancers are known to work from their home and they manage their healthcare costs on their own. They don’t need to pay for to staff or for office maintenance.

The tax liabilities and financial obligations on an individual freelancer are negligible in comparison to creative agencies. All these factors allow a freelance graphic designer to offer lower costs.


Design agencies have fixed working hours. If you want to get some changes done on an urgent basis, it might not be possible. Freelancers are more accommodating and have flexible work hours. They would happily entertain their clients’ request for urgent changes to build a good rapport in hope of getting more work in the future.

Many freelancers would also happily work for long hours or on weekends to finish your project on time. Thus, the flexibility in work hours of a freelancer is beneficial to their clients in many ways.

Direct Line of Communication

When you work with a design agency, the account manager would be the first point of contact for all communication related to your project. The account manager is responsible to communicate to the right members of the design team, get feedback and report to you. This setup works great if you have a good account manager else it is a recipe for disaster where all communication channels are broken.

When you hire a freelance graphic designer, you will be dealing with an individual. In most cases, you would have a direct line of communication with the person who is actually working on the project.  Hence there is a reduced risk of miscommunication or messages getting lost between people.


Before you hire anyone for a graphic design project, the first thing you want to know is if the graphic designer is reliable and has the skills needed to complete the project. It is very difficult to visualize the quality of the work you would receive and hence portfolio becomes an important part of the selection of a graphic designer.

When you look at the portfolio of the creative agency, it would include creative projects completed by the agency in the past. You may get a collective portfolio which may not have any contributions from the design team working on your project. There is also a possibility the designer who has created amazing designs in the portfolio no longer works with the agency.

When you look at the portfolio of the freelance graphic designer, the work done is done by the graphic designer himself.  Thus, you can see the portfolio of the freelance graphic designer seems more reliable as it shows the true skill and creativity of the designer which cannot be said about the creative agency.


Many graphic designers with great designing skills and creativity like to work independently than working for a creative agency. These graphic designers are confident enough about their skills to take the challenge of freelancing and make a mark in the industry. When you hire the best freelance graphic designer, you engage skilled and confident professionals. In fact, many creative agencies even hire freelance graphic designer for projects.

The above reasons are enough to convince that freelance graphic designers are your best option when you want to outsource graphic design project.  Hire a graphic designer that meets your preferences and let his creative ability establish your brand in the market.

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