Four Essentials When Choosing a Web Design Company

In this digital era, the benefit of having a robust online presence can’t be overstated. A website serves as your online brochure, a marketing tool, and a digital platform for better brand positioning. However, to ensure that your website offers the afore-mentioned advantages you need to choose a competent web design company.

While there are numerous web design companies in Philadelphia, you need to find a perfect match for your specific requirements. Given below are four essentials that you must consider before choosing a web design company.

1. Record of past achievements

Past achievements can shed light on a web designing company’s working process and competencies. Past work records are an effective means to understand how effectively a company can manage your website design and development.

When assessing the capabilities of your potential web design company, you need to look at the three factors mentioned below.


Being in the business for years provides you with an edge over others in the industry. A company with a proven record of developing successful websites can help you with the design and development process effectively. Moreover, they are aware of any obstacles that come up in the designing process and are better equipped to handle those challenges.

When looking for a website designer, make sure that they have previously handled websites in your industry. Also, ensure how effectively they have helped their previous clients achieve their business goals.


A portfolio of previously developed websites will provide you with insights on which you can base your decision. You can understand your company’s overall approach to designing.

While browsing through their portfolio, you need to focus on both the design aesthetics and user-friendliness of the websites. Also, check whether the websites are distinct and embody the company personality successfully.


Developing a beautiful website is not enough, it should also generate value for the company. You can ask your company how their design efforts contributed to the success of the company. Asking specific numbers on lead and revenue generation can provide you with an idea about what to expect from your potential web design agency.

2. Ongoing support system.

Website design and development is not a one-time process. Sooner or later, you are going to face some issues with your website. Also, you may need to incorporate some changes and additional functionalities into your website in the future. A good web design company helps you with constant support in maintaining your site and tackles issues with domain management, content management, hosting, and other website functions.

You can also check for any warranties with your potential web design company. Issues with websites functioning, in the beginning, are quite common, and most companies will be willing to incorporate a 30- 90 days period in their warranty.

Also, it is always advisable to approach your initial website designer for any future modifications, as they are aware of all aspects of your website.

3. Transparency and effective communication

To design a successful website, it is crucial to effectively communicate your ideas and expectation to your potential web design company. Communication plays an inevitable role from the concept creation stage to the final testing stage.

A good website designing company should strive to maintain a constant stream of feedback mechanisms to ensure that deviations from the planned design are identified immediately.

Transparency in the designing process helps you keep an eye on the website development process and bridges any communication gaps. It is also advisable to establish a single point of contact to avoid miscommunication between the company and the website designing agency.

4. Market and competitor research

Every company is unique and has its own set of objectives. The objectives of a company’s website are also distinct and specific. Hence, it is essential that your website represents your organization’s personality, and helps in building a reputation for your brand.

There are some common objectives for a website, like attracting leads and converting them into customers. You must be well aware of your expectations from your company’s website, and communicate them clearly to your web designing company.

However, your web design company should not rely solely on the information and specifications provided by you. They should be willing to do their research on your industry and competitors to successfully meet your expectation.

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