Four Features of Great Law Firm Website Design

A good or bad law firm website design will greatly determine how long your prospective clients stay on it. The quicker they leave; the fewer chances of those clients contacting you. A good website design makes it easier for visitors to navigate it and find relevant information on it. A bad website design will make it tedious for visitors to find what they need. If you are building a new website, consider useful features to make it user-friendly. It is often the first impression your prospective clients will have about your business.

Here are four features of a great law firm website design.

Responsive Design

Your website must be optimized for all devices and not only for desktops and laptops. Most people these days use their mobile devices to search online for services. So, it is important to make your website mobile-friendly.

A responsive website design adapts itself to the screen size and environment. If the website is designed only for the desktop, you will have a tough time navigating it via mobile devices. A responsive design will automatically adjust as per the users’ device to offer them a good viewing experience.

Visitors will only stay on a website if it is easy to use. Otherwise, no one has the time these days to wait for the pages to load or make extra efforts to peruse the information on the website pages. When people are looking for legal services; they need to spend proper time on the website to get all the information they need. So, it is extremely crucial that your law firm’s website has a responsive design.


The website needs to be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO strategies include the use of keywords, backlinks, image optimization, meta description, content, and more. Without SEO implementation, it is futile to maintain a website.

It is SEO that helps your website rank higher on search engines and offers your business more visibility. When people will look for lawyers in your practice areas, it is SEO that will bring them to your website via online searches.

So, merely an attractive website design doesn’t do the job. Your prospective clients need to find it too via online searches. So, a great law firm website design will definitely integrate and utilize SEO. It will give your law firm an edge over your competitive firms that do not use SEO. It will also help you keep pace with law firms that utilize SEO.


Content forms a great part of any website design. A great law firm website design will have content that will not only have the right keywords but also the information your prospective clients will require.

So, your website needs to have content such as attorney profiles, details about practice areas, and contact details. Without attorney profiles, it is not possible to build trust with prospective clients. They need to know about the lawyers, their professional backgrounds, and how they can help. Practice areas need to be detailed so that prospective clients know for sure if you are the right attorney for them. The writing needs to be simple and easy to understand. It is best to not use too many complex legal terms without explaining their meanings.

Many lawyers also maintain a blog, which helps in brand building and also provides more information to prospective clients. It can help you build your authority in your field by expressing your expert knowledge. Blog can also help with SEO; further helping your business.

Images and Videos

The right images help to make the website appealing. A great law firm website design needs to unclutter without the use of unnecessary pictures.

It helps to add photographs of attorneys with their profiles. It is also best to use original images showcasing your law firm rather than stock photos. You can also use short videos on the website featuring your attorneys and explain some legal terms or issues for the benefit of your prospective clients. It will help build trust with your prospective clients. Images and videos also help with SEO. A good law firm SEO specialist can optimize them too for greater search engine rankings.