Why Hire a Freelance Web Designer

Your website is the online face of your business and a good design is critical to your online success. It’s a no-brainer why companies are paying a hefty amount to make their websites stand out from the crowd. But this does not mean paying exorbitant amounts is the only way to get the best design. Instead, you should try hiring freelance web designers Los Angeles or elsewhere who offer affordable rates and deliver quality work.

Here are a few advantages of hiring a freelance web designer…


As a business owner, the first thing that comes to mind when looking for web designers is the cost. Though large companies can afford to shell out huge amounts, small and medium businesses or startups with limited budgets can’t do so. It is worth noting that hiring freelance web designers in Los Angeles or elsewhere who charge less than agencies does not mean you’ll get sub-standard work.

Freelancers who work as individual contractors do not have to pay staff or maintain office like design agencies. They mostly work from home and their operating expense is negligible in comparison to web design agencies. This translates into a lower design fee for clients.


LinkedIn testimonials, recommendation letters, a detailed portfolio are some proofs that make the freelancers more reliable. The feedback received by the freelancers can be taken as proof of skills and the high level of service delivery.

Although design agencies also get high ratings for projects, there is no sure way to tell whether the web designer who worked on the project is still working with the agency. And oftentimes design agencies also hire freelance web designers in Los Angeles or elsewhere for their projects.

Effective Communication

Communication plays an important role in portraying the company’s brand in web design. When you work with freelancer web designers in Chicago or elsewhere, you directly communicate with the freelancer who will be working on your website. This reduces the chances of miscommunication of your expectations, mission, and vision to the web designer.

When you work with a web design agency, you talk to the project manager who might be handling multiple projects simultaneously. And whatever you communicate passes through a channel and many times the important message is lost in the process. The result is the web designers working on your project might not be able to create a design that tunes perfectly with your brand image.

Better Quality

Web design agencies are known to work on multiple projects and large clients get the more attention. If you are the owner of a startup or small and medium enterprise, your web design project might struggle to get the attention it needs, and the design may fail to meet your expectation. Additionally, web design agencies might not be able to respond speedily to your re-work requests due to heavy workloads.

Though freelance web designers in Chicago also work on multiple projects, every project is important as it adds to their portfolio.  With freelance web designers, you can expect your web design project to get the attention it needs. Also, a freelance web designer is more likely to consider re-work requests on urgent basis as they aim to keep their clients happy to get more work in the future.

Faster Delivery

Web design agencies work for fixed working hours. Sometimes, you need design work completed in shorter time. Web design agencies might not be able to deliver quickly you as asking their designers to work overtime or on weekends increases their operational costs.

Freelance web designers have flexible working hours, and many would be happy to work for extended hours to complete the work on an urgent basis.

The above are the advantages of working with a freelance web designer in Los Angeles or elsewhere. If you want high-quality web design without spending thousands of dollars, you should invest in a top freelance web designer who can deliver high-quality web design for an affordable fee.