The Importance of Website Design

A website is a paramount tool for marketing and advertising. It is up to a website design agency to creatively accomplish how the website will look to best suit a customer’s needs. What is the difference between a website design agency and a website design firm? A design firm denotes a group of employees who will directly see to the task they are hired for. For example a website design firm will build the structural underpinnings of a website, how it functions and so forth. A design firm will also handle the architecture of a website, however they might not have a fleet of designers capable of building a website. In fact, the agency may not have many employees at all. It may choose to contract the structural components of a website out to a firm. The agency’s role is often more content, and talent related.

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, this is not really the case. A website design agency usually takes care of the promotional part of a website while a firm takes care of the mechanics. The agency will think of “design” in the artistic sense as opposed to how the firm uses “design” in the architectural sense. Imagine a building. The architecture of the building reflects its form and function, engineering obstacles and building materials. But what about the building’s contents? Its furnishings and decoration? This part is left up to a decorator hired to accomplish a certain look the customer has in mind. A website design agency is like the interior decorator for a website. Whether it is for marketing or advertising the agency will develop the look and feel of a website; the overall impression best suited for the site’s intended purpose be it marketing or promotional. Often, a firm will have a fixed fee whereas an agency might charge a percentage of promotional earnings. A design agency will also have as employees the top designers in the field. Competition for web design is fierce; only the best designers are able to make and be successful at their careers.

Like a firm, a website design agency relies on a wealth of knowledge and experience. If an agency is counting on a percentage of profits, it is highly motivated to do the best job possible. The customer will draw upon the agency’s portfolio of work much like a municipality might choose a style from a muralist’s portfolio to inform the decision as to the kind of mural to commission. Then the agency will create a number of thumbnail designs to narrow down what the customer has in mind. If the website is to be an online store, the agency will take care of the “storefront,” the part the customer sees creating the website’s first impression. A good website design agency will keep abreast of new web technologies and the latest in web browser capabilities to ensure their design will look and behave in the best possible way across multiple platforms. Web design is by far one of the most important and evolving fields in on-line business today.