Key Things to Remember During Small Business Website Design

Be it an online store or a restaurant business, having a website will enable both the business and its customers to share a common platform to interact. A lot of factors go into the design and development of a small business website and in this article we will discuss the various things that have to borne in mind during small business website design.

1. Simplicity and Uniqueness

Every popular website today is minimalistic in design, clutter free and abundant with empty white spaces. The reason to do this is that people don’t like to read a lot of texts and huge amounts of text in the entire page will persuade them to close the tab. There has to be as little text as possible on pages where images, illustrations and videos can be used. Content need not be words all the time as blogs are meant to be the places where you can post most of your verbal posts. Flat design is the current rage in website design and if you have the resources and there is a need to be really unique, you can go for innovative website design features like single page websites that need to scrolled down continuously. There are hundred other ways to make small business website design unique and fresh for the visitor.

2. Images, Infographics and Videos

As mentioned before, content need not be verbal all the time and people online are always on the go, wanting content that can be grasped quickly while having a cup of coffee or while commuting in a public transport. Images are easier to grasp and easier to remember as well when compared to texts. If you want to present statistics or numbers, you can make use of creative infographics or illustrations to present the same data instead of lengthy, boring paragraphs. Video is another content type small business website design must include. Be it a testimonial video or an explainer video for one your products or services, people like to watch videos and the message you want to convey to people will be delivered effectively in a span of 5 minutes. High quality images which are optimally compressed, high quality videos which are shot on good cameras and illustrations which are modern, minimalistic and trendy are the content buckets web designers must go for.

3. Showcasing

Whether you are a product oriented company or a service oriented company, a B2B or a B2C, a website is the perfect platform to showcase your product/service with clear descriptions and high quality images. Websites can be customized to the way you like unlike social media, giving you more freedom to showcase your products the way you want. Ensure that the showcasing is done right, done for only important products/services and there is absolutely no redundancy or repetition in the content. Compress the images retaining the high resolution to make sure the load speed of the page doesn’t get affected. If you are an online store, showcasing becomes a major aspect of your small business website design.

4. User Friendliness

Navigation is one of the main aspects that most of the web designers ignore. While designing the sitemap, page layout and navigation, one must always ensure that the small business website design is done from a user perspective and not the designer perspective. If the website is not easy to figure out, users will be disappointed and often lost looking for the information. This is very bad for a small business website which wants to establish itself as the user who was frustrated with your website will never visit the site again. In addition, since most of the users access internet using smartphones ensure that your website is mobile responsive to fit across screens of all sizes. Along with content the way content is delivered and the way content can be found on the website, everything counts in small business website design.

5. About Us and Contact Details

The best way to make your business popular is by establishing credibility and letting your customers know who you are and how you are eager to interact with your customers. About Us and Contact pages, which are the most fundamental pages of a small business website can be made unique and warm using innovative content, warm language, soothing colors and contact details of all sorts.