Web Design Principles of Successful Websites

A successful website combines design aesthetics with functionality. A visually appealing site helps in gathering attention from your target audience but what retains the audience is its usability and utility. Hence, to build a successful website, you need to incorporate simplicity, and user-friendliness into the website design and development process, right from the concept creation stage.

The website designing process can sometimes become complex and confusing. Therefore, we are hereby presenting a list of web design principles that can help you built a successful website and achieve your desired goals.

1. Websites objective.

Every organization is unique, and they have their own set of goals that they want to achieve through their website. Some primary functions of a website include creating awareness, building a brand reputation, generating leads, conversion to sales, etc. These objectives are common to most organizations. However, depending on the type of industry your company belongs to, your website can have a different purpose as well.

A good website is one that serves its desired objective and is easy to use for the intended users.

2. Simplicity in design

A good website incorporates simplicity in its usage and enhances user experience by presenting information in an easy-to-use format. Simplicity in a website can be achieved right from its conceptualization stage through focussed efforts to make the information scannable.

Most web users have a very short attention span. They are looking for something specific, and if they do not find it easily, they are more likely to switch to other sites. Hence using appropriate heading tags can serve as a beneficial tool, to make the information on your site more scannable.

3. Colour

Colour is one of the significant elements in designing a successful website. Choose a color palette that goes with the overall theme of your website. Complementary colors help your eyes relax and create a soothing user experience. However, you can choose a contrasting color for the background to make the information readable.

You can use vibrant colors to highlight specific sections of your website. Also, you can use negative spaces to make the website look more refined and organized. In any case, do not use more than five colors on your website and make sure all the colors used are working cohesively to make your website visually appealing.

4. Imagery

Imagery refers to all the visual aspects of a website including images, illustration, photography videos, etc. Using the appropriate imagery can uplift the user experience significantly. Imagery not only grabs attention to your website but is also more likely to leave a lasting impact on the visitor.

Using high-quality imagery makes your website look polished and credible. Always choose visual elements that express the spirit of your company and helps you in a better brand positioning.

If you do not have high-quality pictures, you can consider purchasing stock photos. Some of the Chester County web design services can also provide access to their online library of stock photos.

5. F-shaped pattern design

Most studies have concluded that people generally scan a website in a particular direction i.e., an arbitrary F-shape. Hence, it is advisable to design your website in a way that does not interfere with the natural eye movement of the reader. Arrange the most important information on your site in an F-shape pattern on the top and left side of your screen.

6. Content

A visually appealing website can remain ineffective until supported by equally compelling content. A visitor may visit your site for its aesthetic value but stays for the useful information that the website provides. Hence, it is equally important to focus on the content on your website. You can also hire a professional who will help you present your brand information in the most engaging way possible and optimize it for search engines as well.

These are some of the factors that you must focus on while designing a successful website that embraces your company’s identity and helps you in building a brand reputation.

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