What to Look for in a Freelance Graphic Designer

The success of any business depends on its brand image to a great extent. To maintain that image you need several components like a logo, brochure, website or other designs. All these components are incomplete without graphics. Good graphics signify both professionalism and quality. So if you don’t know any graphic designer, you may feel a little lost. Sometimes hiring an in-house team becomes expensive too. Nowadays you can hire a freelance graphic designer Los Angeles on many platforms. Today’s options are so many that you need to filter only the best out of them. Here are some traits to look for in a freelance graphic designer.


The first thing you need to keep in mind is the experience. Experienced designers work with various industries and possess great conceptual skills. They understand requirements well and can turn your ideas and concepts into reality without any hassles. You can have a look at their portfolio and go through as much of their work as you can which will give you a chance to assess their quality and style of work and whether the standards match your company or not.

Technical skills

A freelance graphic designer generally uses many platforms. So they must know various web design tools and designing software like HTML, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. The designer also needs to know the typography, as it is essential for making a logo. A technically skilled designer can do the work with speed and accuracy. This is why you need to check these skills of the designer.

Know types of designers

A creative designer can help you uniquely present your brand since she is well aware of the latest design trends. You can find many types of creative graphic designers in the field of visual arts. When you look for a graphic designer, keep in mind that there are logo designers, web designers, packaging designers and many more. If you need a logo alone hire a logo designer but if you need to get your website designed, to hire a web designer. Instead of hiring a general graphic designer you should hire a person specialized in a particular field.


A freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles can work from anywhere across the globe. So while hiring, you have to keep in mind the time zone of the designer. If you want to work in normal office hours, then the designer should also fall under the same time zone as you are in. Moreover, if you are flexible with hours, then you can hire people from a different time zone as well.


Testimonial or other people’s recommendation is also useful for recruiting a freelance graphic designer. You can get an idea of their authenticity and sincerity from people who have previously worked with the designers. You can trust their ability, and it also provides detail knowledge about their work ethics, communication skills, Pay package and credibility.

Time management

Managing around a deadline is crucial for any industry. So you need to make sure the designer is well aware of how to manage deadlines efficiently. You can take a spot test at the time of the interview to assess, because a portfolio doesn’t portray time management skill. Your graphic designer can show you many options. You need to check whether they are capable of making any revisions as per your need within the time limit.

Communication skill

Make sure that a graphic designer can demonstrate how to communicate with a client, and represent their ideas to them. If their communication skill is good, then you can explain your ideas and discuss the concept behind your project with them. Their communication skill will help them to negotiate and develop a relationship with the customer.

Now you know the checklist to hire a freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles. It will help you to filter your options and choose the best one for your company. Have we missed any important factors to be considered? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.