Why Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

Graphic design plays an important role in attracting the attention of customers. Organizations need services of graphic designers to create marketing material like professional logos, business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, etc.

Organizations have two choices – hire a graphic design agency or hire freelance graphic designer. While both offer the same services, there are several differences between working with an agency and freelancer. Here are some distinct advantages of hiring a freelance graphic designer.


The cost of creative work is always shrouded in mystery and mostly expensive. A graphic design agency has several overhead costs like the salary of employees, healthcare, office maintenance costs, and many others. Agencies charge high rates for graphic design work to meet their overhead costs.

Majority of freelancers offer lower costs in comparison to design agencies as they have less overhead costs. Freelancers are known to work from their home and they manage their healthcare costs on their own. They don’t need to pay for to staff or for office maintenance.

The tax liabilities and financial obligations on an individual freelancer are negligible in comparison to creative agencies. All these factors allow a freelance graphic designer to offer lower costs.


Design agencies have fixed working hours. If you want to get some changes done on an urgent basis, it might not be possible. Freelancers are more accommodating and have flexible work hours. They would happily entertain their clients’ request for urgent changes to build a good rapport in hope of getting more work in the future.

Many freelancers would also happily work for long hours or on weekends to finish your project on time. Thus, the flexibility in work hours of a freelancer is beneficial to their clients in many ways.

Direct Line of Communication

When you work with a design agency, the account manager would be the first point of contact for all communication related to your project. The account manager is responsible to communicate to the right members of the design team, get feedback and report to you. This setup works great if you have a good account manager else it is a recipe for disaster where all communication channels are broken.

When you hire a freelance graphic designer, you will be dealing with an individual. In most cases, you would have a direct line of communication with the person who is actually working on the project.  Hence there is a reduced risk of miscommunication or messages getting lost between people.


Before you hire anyone for a graphic design project, the first thing you want to know is if the graphic designer is reliable and has the skills needed to complete the project. It is very difficult to visualize the quality of the work you would receive and hence portfolio becomes an important part of the selection of a graphic designer.

When you look at the portfolio of the creative agency, it would include creative projects completed by the agency in the past. You may get a collective portfolio which may not have any contributions from the design team working on your project. There is also a possibility the designer who has created amazing designs in the portfolio no longer works with the agency.

When you look at the portfolio of the freelance graphic designer, the work done is done by the graphic designer himself.  Thus, you can see the portfolio of the freelance graphic designer seems more reliable as it shows the true skill and creativity of the designer which cannot be said about the creative agency.


Many graphic designers with great designing skills and creativity like to work independently than working for a creative agency. These graphic designers are confident enough about their skills to take the challenge of freelancing and make a mark in the industry. When you hire the best freelance graphic designer, you engage skilled and confident professionals. In fact, many creative agencies even hire freelance graphic designer for projects.

The above reasons are enough to convince that freelance graphic designers are your best option when you want to outsource graphic design project.  Hire a graphic designer that meets your preferences and let his creative ability establish your brand in the market.